Day one: The end of the world.

(Above is a photo I shot in Gatlinburg, TN)

   Dec. 21, 2012     This is my first official blog. Today happens to be the end of the world, ironically. Isn’t it great that I have chosen the last day of the planet to start writing my blog? Well, not really, but today IS December 21, 2012. We are less than 3 hours away from Dec 22nd as I write this. In Australia, it is already Dec. 22nd, and they are still there, so I think we are safe. I had zero expectancy of anything cataclysmic happening today. What could the Mayans have possibly known anyway? Personally, I place all my trust in the written Word of God when it comes to prophecy, life, Godliness, and revelation.

Today’s blog post will be only a teaser, as my next post will begin to get into the main thrust of my writings. At this time I am in my mid-40’s, if that helps you know more about who I am. Yes, I am a white male, as boring as that may seem in this modern world. I was born and raised in southern California, here in the USA. About 20 years ago I moved to the Nashville TN area.
I was raised Christian, and am still Christian, and that will I remain until the day I die, if only by the grace of God .

By trade, I am a photographer, and I also do some house painting on the side. Don’t expect an overly intellectual point of view from me, but neither expect anything too simple, boring, or superficial. Although only high school educated, I have spent a good amount of my adult life self educating, as I call it. I can use some big words such as megalomaniac, rusticate, taciturnity, and cheesecake. I do have a semi-warped sense of humor, and though only slightly funny, it does help break up the otherwise humorless things I would write about.

So in closing for today, I would hope you will return again to get into the  things of God with me. I will be writing about how I grew up on the “charismatic” side of christianity. As of late 2012, I have departed the charismatic movement altogether. I never considered myself “Pentecostal”, though many people often group  together both the “charismatic” and “pentecostal” Christians. This is a fair grouping I think, as one is really a more modern version of the other. The charismatic movement started in Van Nuys California in 1960, while the pentecostal movement sprung up way back in about 1906, in Los Angeles, CA.

Be sure to mark this blog as one of your new favorites, because if you have read this far today, you are going to love what is to come. Until then, seek the Lord while He may be found.

Grace be with you.


About Truth for me and you

I am a Bible believing Christian. That is the best title I could ever want. I live in the Nashville TN area with my Proverbs 31 wife. I love the Word of God, and I study primarily in the New American Standard Bible.
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    I love the green!

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